Empowering Global Assessment Leader with Proctoring Excellence

How Think Exam Empowered Global Assessment Leader with Proctoring Excellence

The Client

A global leader in technology-driven assessment companies, our client also collaborates with professional associations, government agencies, and educational institutions. They have expertise in leveraging extensive experience and in handling high-stakes exams. With a vast network of testing centers worldwide, they offer a secure and controlled environment for a wide range of certification & licensure exams.

The Challenges

In the realm of a global network of testing centers, maintaining exam integrity was crucial. Our client encountered challenges in guaranteeing the authenticity of the testing process. Along with this, they also want to add a second layer of security to their exam engine. Ensuring fairness in testing became a paramount concern, demanding a robust solution to address these issues:

  • Unavailability of Auto Proctored exam that can cater to large concurrent users to conduct high stake exam.
  • The client was looking for a reliable, customizable solution to meet their requirements.


  • A creative solution to streamline security measures was assisted through AI-powered facial recognition by integrating Think Exam Proctoring solution as a service for every 18,000 exams since 2023, ensuring effective fraud prevention. This comprehensive approach ensured the highest standard of security while maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the entire testing process.
  • Real-time AI monitoring for detecting any of the 7 UFMs further enhances the credibility of the exams.
  • Think Exam's Remote Proctoring platform records extensive data during the exam and provides professors with easy-to-read reports and time-stamped recordings with students’ credibility scores.
  • Well-authenticated data centers are localized to ensure data protection.


The remote proctoring solution provided to the client improved exam integrity, prevented cheating, and ensured a fair testing approach. The utilization of AI-powered proctoring effectively addressed challenges, contributing to a secure and reliable examination environment.