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Computer Based Test Platform

Computer based testing platform has transformed the process of exam delivery. By ensuring a simple, quicker and secure way, the test taker experience will also change. Technologically equipped infrastructure ensured a quality testing experience. The test can be administered in the desired frequency with complete integrity and security of exam. Our immaculate testing solutions through Computer Based Test (CBT) can cater to all kinds of exams including Distance Learning, Entrance Exams, Internal Exams, Scholarship Tests, Quiz Competitions and Recruitment Exams.

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Pre and Post Exam activities

A robust & scalable examination solution that touches all the aspects of Computer Based Test

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  • Application Registration
  • Admit Card Generation
  • Slot Scheduling
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QB Development & Authorisation

  • Quality Faculty Pool (SME)
  • QB Development Guidelines (Stander & Specific)
  • QP Management Processes
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Exam Day Activities

  • QP Delivery
  • Center Management
  • Security Management
  • Man Power Management
  • Crowd Management
  • IT Infra Management
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Result processing

  • Normalization (Item Response Theory)
  • Appling Specific Criteria
  • Validation and Cross Verification
Computer Based Test by Think Exam

Take a sneak peek at our tutorial videos

We deliver secure computer based testing platform for entrance, recruitment and mock examinations, ensuring 100% result delivery with zero tolerance error.

In this video tutorial we introduce how CBT test will help you to save your time and money. Also, watch how we work and take that responsibility seriously during the computer based test.

Features-To Conduct the Exams Successfully

  • Anti- Cheat

    System Freeze, Internet Connection Disable, Monitor the activity on each system, Enable Firewalls, Frisking, Question Shuffling.

  • Invigilation by CCTV cameras

    CCTV Surveillance, Voice Recording in the duration of the exam.

  • Web Cam Invigilation

    System captures image of the applicant during examination process.

  • Biometric Authentication

    Biometric verification such as fingerprints, hand geometry, voice waves, and signatures to prevent cheating in a CBT test.

  • Flexibility of scheduling

    Flexibility of scheduling and rescheduling.

  • Proctored Testing Environment

    Ensure the validity, reliability, and defensibility of high-stakes tests and exams.

  • Multi Lingual Assessment Platform

    Seamlessly translate, manage, and deliver multilingual assessments.

  • Word Parsal QP Development

    Efficiently create quizzes, tests, and exams with direct word format uploading.


  • Proctored testing environment at test centers with professional staff or invigilators.
  • Computer environment provides several tools that allow test takers to more effectively utilize the allotted time.
  • Computer Based Test provides ease of administration and extensive participation globally as it is technology-driven.
  • Excellent candidate experience with increased access and flexibility, centres expansion to choose that are more convenient to them.
  • Candidates have ease of instant access to CBT exam results.
Think Exam CBT Test Benefits

A network of 2500+ Test Centers Across the Globe, with

150,000+ Sitting Capacity