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Elevate Exam Security with AI-Powered Remote Proctoring


  • Secure Browser
  • Proctor Pop Up
  • 360 Room Scan
  • Dual Camera
Think Exam

Key Features of Think Proctor

Candidate Authentication By verifying identities before the exams; administrators promptly address discrepancies, allowing only candidates with verified IDs to enter the exam.
Auto ID Validation
Live ID Verification
AI or Manual Profile Authentication
360 Degree Room Scan Integrate an extra mobile camera for a 360° view, providing remote proctors complete control to monitor both the candidate's desktop and surroundings, ensuring exam integrity.
Enforce Standard & Advance Room Sanitization.
Select Advance room scan to go with the authentication process with consent at each step.
Auto Proctor Pop In Proctors immediate intervention via video call with candidates for high UFM alerts during the exam.
Proctors enter the exam session in real time if potential misconduct is detected
AI flags incidents for a human proctor to intervene & assess the situation.
Eliminating a proctor for many candidates, only monitor those alerted by AI.
Dual Camera Ensures that both the candidate and the surrounding environment are monitored closely during the assessment.
1st camera capture candidate through webcam.
The second camera, i.e., a mobile camera, captures the candidate's test screen and surrounding environment.
Compatible with web, iOS, and Android platforms.
Examine the recordings for every view.
Secure Browser Think Exam Secure Browser blocks external access, monitors screen activity, and reports tab-switching actions as exam violations.
Disabling all Ports
Disable Copy & Paste
Disable Print-Screen
Disable External Websites

Find Your Ideal Proctoring Solution

Auto Proctoring

Conduct hassle-free tests without any human intervention, that records, monitors, detects, and flags misbehaviors to analyze the candidate's credibility report post-examination.

  • Think Exam

    Adjusted Credibility Score

    Scores can be modified according to the exam requirements through our AI technology

  • Think Exam

    Auto ID Verification

    Automatically match the candidate's identity and monitor them throughout the proctoring process.

  • Think Exam

    Foreign Object Detection

    AI identifies the foreign object on the screen apart from the registered face and automatically raises the flag to the candidates.

  • Think Exam

    AI Backed Reports

    Get automated time-stamped UFM reports of proctoring sessions with activity logs.

Hybrid Proctoring

Live Human Proctoring guarantees a fair examination environment. Human proctors monitor test-takers in real-time, alerting candidates for misconduct, and providing equal testing conditions.

  • Think Exam

    Enhanced ID & Photo Verification

    For additional security, human proctors validate the candidate's photo and ID manually when AI detects any failure for the same.

  • Think Exam

    Live Streaming

    Human proctors monitor test-takers in real-time.

  • Think Exam

    Real-Time Candidate Proctor Chat

    Proctors can connect with students via chat, audio, or video.

  • Think Exam

    On-Demand Proctors

    Proctors can be assigned on demand to ensure a safe exam environment.

  • Think Exam

    Complete Session-Recorded Video

    Complete review and analysis of the proctoring session with UFM activity logs.

Proctoring as a Service

Conduct online exams with confidence by integrating PAAS into your existing testing environment.

  • Think Exam

    API Integration

    Integrate our proctoring solution eliminating the need for third-party software installations into your assessment platform.

  • Think Exam

    System Compatibility Check

    A webcam, microphone, bandwidth, and screen check to enhance test integrity before proceeding with the exam.

  • Think Exam

    Student Credibility Report

    Get access to complete candidate UFM reports with timestamped incidents charts through our admin panel.

Security Matters To Think Proctor


Exhibits strict data security procedures, increasing trust and compliance while assuring robust protection of critical information.


Data is encrypted to protect users' rights and privacy, avoiding any potential misuse or compromising of their interests.


Company meets all security audit requirements, including IT, application, and physical security assessments.

Scalable, Cost-Effective Proctoring with End-To-End Security

Think Exam

Real-Time Communication

Proctors can interact with candidates via audio, video, and chat.

  • One-on-one chat with candidates
  • Resolve quick queries
Think Exam

Trained AI technology to prevent cheating

Leverage anti-cheating measures to improve exam integrity.

  • 7 UFM categories to prevent exam malpractice
  • Multi-Face Detection to detect more than one face
  • Detects shuffling between two screens through Screen Focus Lost
  • Identifies the use of secondary devices by object detection
  • Implement other UFMs such as Face Not Present, Face Mismatch Voice Detection & Permission Revoke to the session
Think Exam


For tailored integration needs, our expert team can provide solutions to meet your requirements.

  • LMS integrations such as Canvas, Moodle, D2L, and many more
  • API Integrations for third-party testing
Think Exam

All-inclusive Analytics

Comprehensive session analysis including test analytics, proctor details, ID verification & activity logs, and UFM alert analysis for thorough candidate evaluation.

  • Proctoring Session Reports
  • Candidate Activity Logs
  • Candidate Photo and ID verification Log
  • UFM Alert Analysis
Think Exam

Escalation Matrix

Define escalation to the proctor based on candidate UFMs or Credibility Score for automated alerts.

  • Establish a credibility score to raise escalations
  • Assign UFM categories and criteria to add escalations
  • Define Matrix on a scale from 1 to 100

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Online Proctoring Software for Secure, Seamless Exams

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White-Label Integration

Partners can brand their sessions with logos and colors through our white labeling services.

Think Exam

Live Support

Think Exam offers a complete solution with free technical support, a 24*7 hotline, and over 250 service staff.

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The size and location of the institution do not influence the effectiveness of Think Exam's proctoring services.

Think Exam

Available Worldwide

Think Exam is accessible across the globe and has the lowest bandwidth requirements.

Think Exam

Multi-Device Support

Exams can be administerd on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Think Exam

Multilingual Platform

Think Exam creates, develops, and delivers tests in multiple languages.

We make Online Proctoring Simple and Easy

  • AI-driven ID Card Validation
  • Live ID Verification
  • AI or Live Profile Authentication

  • Mic Check, Network Check, Webcam Check, Browser Check, Screen Check, Location Check
  • IP Address Verification

  • AI or Live Monitoring
  • Video & chat support to trigger warnings & timely assistance
  • Configurable Credibility Score metrics

  • Instant AI-driven reports after the session
  • Timestamped UFM reports.
  • Multi-format reports ie video, audio, or PDF

Think Exam's worldwide service spans diverse time spheres

From various sectors globally, we serve governments, corporates, and educational institutions, addressing learning, assessment and upskilling

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Think Proctor. Still don’t find what you’re looking for? Chat with our experts!

  • PC or laptop with at least 2 GB of RAM (recommendable 4 GB), a working webcam, a microphone, an internet speed of at least 2 Mbps (mobile hotspot is not recommended), power backup, and the latest version of the internet browser. 

  • Yes, We do. All of our proctors are certified professionals and are experienced in live monitoring.

  • The system will automatically recover itself once the connection is restored. 

  • Yes, the proctor has the right to suspend the session for some interval of time, and he also has the power to terminate the exam session.

  • Yes. We provide a detailed report for candidate authentication.

  • You can pass a system compatibility check in advance through mock exams one week prior to the actual exam session. The candidate can also get an idea of how the questions will be displayed during the actual exam.

  • Yes, they can interact via chat, video, and audio.

  • Assigned proctors can view the recordings of the candidates in their batch, while the admin can view all recordings.