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Assessments with AI

With AI-powered remote proctoring, you can administer flexible examinations both remotely or on-premises while maintaining integrity. We offer AI proctoring for smart monitoring, Live for real-time monitoring, and record & review for post-exam audit.

AI Powered Insights

Think Exam delivers AI-powered reports for comprehensive exam tracking, offering insights into candidate scores, section-wise performance, and metrics such as solution, test, attendance, comparative reports, and subjective analyses.

Think Learn

With its interactive classrooms, tests, and study materials, Think Exam leads the way in e-learning technologies. Comprehensive learning experiences are ensured through live streaming and thorough exam assessments.

Custom LMS

Educators use Custom LMS to design tailored learning paths for each student, resulting in a dynamic learning environment. Through AI technology, advanced features and intuitive design, we elevate the learning experience for all, taking businesses, big or ambitious, to the next level.

Career Guidance

A comprehensive, scientifically validated career test that assesses both your interests and personality traits to help you determine the best career for you. If students are unsure about their path, our evaluation delivers skill gap analysis to help them make informed judgments.

Think Evaluate

Think Evaluate offers features that can assist moderators and evaluators in digitally assessing the subjective answer sheets. These features include AI-generated marks, audio comments, multi-device compatibility, proof checking, auto-scoring, and real-time progress review.

Think Analytics

Think Analytics unifies data from multiple exam types to streamline assessment analysis. It offers a single platform for thorough analysis, helping well-informed decision-making and improving overall assessment effectiveness, regardless of the delivery of tests.

Coding & Hackathon

Our platform enables candidates to gain expertise in 46 programming languages, including Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, and others. It evaluates code quality, execution efficiency, and identifies areas for improvement.


Verificare uses AI to detect duplicate records and identify inaccurate response keys. It produces, prints, and reads barcodes on OMR forms, crops photos or signatures, and rereads faulty files to ensure accurate data. It reads at 300 sheets/min, supporting endless sets for seamless operation.

Mock Exam

Exam prep is crucial for managing test-day challenges. Mock exams help refine time management skills for completing questions. Explore our 8+ templates for exams like GATE, CAT, GMAT, and more to simulate real test environments.

High Stake Exam

Think Exam's High Stake Exam is designed to manage large-scale users and concurrent examinations with maximum security and efficiency. Our platform is ideal for university or company-wide examinations, providing administrators with a smooth experience, solid infrastructure, and powerful time management skills.

LMS Integrations

Think Exam seamlessly interacts with top Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as D2L, Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and others, supporting advanced Proctoring Assessment. Strategic collaborations with LMS collaborators improve the experience for test-takers, instructors, and institutions.

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