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Skill-Testing Simulations

Examine a candidate's ability to deal with difficulties, make wise choices, and demonstrate sales-specific knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Elevate Your Hires Game with Screening Success

Evaluate problem-solving ability, customer interaction skills, persuasive approaches, flexibility in varied settings, and overall sales knowledge.

Training and Development Insights

Empowering employers with targeted sales team development for swift training and peak performance.

Profiling Competencies and Personal Traits

Discover a candidate's strengths and growth areas through insightful analysis.

Uncover, Uplift, Outperform: Your Ultimate Sales Assessment Test!

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Personality Insights: Big 5 Highlights

  • Extraversion: Scrutinizing sociability, assertiveness, and talkativeness.
  • Conscientiousness: Evaluating the inclination for organizing, planning, and reliability.
  • Emotional Stability: Assessing the level of steadiness and calmness.
  • Openness to Experience: Measuring receptivity to new ideas and an open mind.
  • Agreeableness: Analyzing tendencies towards social conformity and compliance.
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Comprehensive Analysis

Thorough evaluation of candidate performance across all competencies.

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Efficient ATS Integration

Integrating with our best-in-class Talent Acquisition system will maximize hiring effectiveness.

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Innovative Scoring Approach

A unique scoring system created to predict high-performance results.

Your Journey with the Sales Profiler Solution

Define your Objectives

Clearly outline the context and role criteria.

Develop Competency Framework

Sort questions by profile attributes and level of difficulty.

Efficient Candidate Screening

Assess candidates against the competency framework.

Virtual Interview Process

Conduct comprehensive virtual assessments.

Data-Driven Selection

Utilize insights for informed decision-making.

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