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Leadership Development Profiler

Centered around Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Ownership model.

This assessment looks at a leader's skills in four important areas: Leading the business, Fostering successful teams, Accelerating innovation, and Setting a good example.

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How Are You Doing in the Leadership Game?

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Improve Leader's Strengths

Benchmark leadership talent against industry standards

Find the Gap!

Identify gaps for targeted leadership training.

Grow Your Way

Craft personalized development plans from assessment feedback.

Turn Your Feedback Around

Gain a comprehensive view of candidate leadership skills

A Comprehensive Guide

Guide your hiring teams through fair and objective evaluations so you can mitigate bias and move the best candidates forward.

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    Senior Professionals
    (Mid-Management Level roles, CXO’s, Vice-President and Directors)

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    Areas Evaluated

    Personality Profiler, Cognitive, Leadership Style

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A brief overview of the competencies tested

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  • Interpersonal and Team
    • Leadership Stature and Maturity
    • Self-awareness and Renewal
    • Self-Management
    • Change Management
    • Managing Customers and Value Chain
    • Managing Relationships
    • Managing Team and Groups
    • Diversity and Collaboration
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Communicating Effectively
  • Learning and Development
    • Decision Making
    • Learning Orientation
    • Coaching and Development
    • Developing Others
    • Providing Support and Stimulation
    • Resilience
  • Strategic Leadership
    • Setting Vision, direction, and Strategy
    • Business Acumen
    • Innovation and Creativity

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