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Your Best Online Exam Solution

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Is a Seamless Online Exam Experience Possible?

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Unlimited Assessments

Conducting assessments for any number of candidates is simple.

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Reports & Insights

Real-time, automatically generated reports that improve data-driven decision-making for students and administrators.

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Personalized App

Personalized apps for iOS and Android platforms can be obtained with features like test reminders, customized questions, results and reports, notifications, etc.

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Customized Certificates

Put your brand on pre-designed certificates to elevate your program's professionalism.

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Multiple Payment Modes

Make educational items, choose a price, and make a purchase using online payment channels.

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All-in-One Platform

Think Exam

Enhanced Proctoring Advantage

Ensures the credibility of online tests by using video surveillance to watch applicants during the exam.

Multi-Device Support

Operates on web and mobile platforms, recording everything.

AI driven Assessments

Integrated with AI technology that automates essential functions of designing and conducting exams.

Advanced Question Pool

Allows grouping and importing of 13+ different question kinds from Word, Excel, and e-books.

Navigating the Exam Journey

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Pre-Exam Phase:

  • Create/Import Questions
  • Design Test
  • Assign Test
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Exam Day

  • Seamless, anytime, anywhere exams.
  • 24/7 tech support.
  • Hassle-free tests
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    Post Exam

  • Generate Results