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Grow Your Potential with Job-Specific Assessments

Job Assessment Tool for Personalized Evaluations

As job roles become increasingly specialized in the modern business environment, assessing potential and existing workforce on their functional skills and capabilities is emerging as a critical enabler of success. NASSCOM and BCG estimate that by 2024, 50-60% of the country's IT professionals will require re-skilling in disruptive technologies to match the pace of disruption. It is clear that re-skilling the workforce is the way forward for India.

Think Exam's domain specific candidate assessment platform help organizations measure a wide variety of industry skills and can be combined with other types of assessments – such as communication and cognitive skills assessment - to deliver a holistic candidate profile for specific job roles.

Pre Employment Assessments Streamline Hiring Processes


Competency Mapping

Discerning the competencies on the basis of job role and organization in a specific manner.


Skill Oriented

Designing an assessment which would consist of skills and subskills according to specific job competencies.


Dynamic Content Creation

Capability-wise content creation, from our repository or with the help of SMEs.



Designing assessments & reports from a pattern of question types and as per customization request.

Recruitment Assessment Software for Efficient Hiring


Choose a systematic functional test from Think exam's exclusive library of Pre-built tests. These tests are customized to various kind of job roles and competencies.


Connect with our experts - Get designed a skill test with the help of our experts according to your framework.