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Determine Cognitive Abilities with General Intelligence Assessment (GIA)

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Cognitive ability means how quickly and accurately you can process information. This is required because information can be given in various forms including verbal, numerical or spatial.

The Ginger Webs General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) evaluates your cognitive aptitudes and abilities across five areas: Reasoning, Perceptual Speed, Number Speed & Accuracy, Word Meaning, and Spatial Visualization. This section will analyze some of the different types of cognitive ability tests, but first, we will understand what these tests measure and how they are scored.

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Cognition in Terms of Psychology

Psychometrics experts and psychologists use the word cognition for describing the thought process. The speed of information processing will depend on your cognitive ability.

It defines how rapidly a candidate is able to perceive information by keeping his knowledge retained and organized and implement them on different circumstances. The cognitive ability is closely related to your problem-solving, analytic and reasoning skills.

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Exploring Diverse Cognitive Assessment Tests

When a candidate takes a cognitive ability test, it would be time-based. The score of a candidate will be given in the form of percentile ranking. If the score of a candidate is in the 36 th percentile, it means that the score should be as of 36% of the population giving an idea of the candidate’s score in a respective area.

The ability to cope up with the situation and how good you are at solving a particular problem can be analyzed with the help of the test.

Cognitive Ability test will help in assessing a person’s ability to take up new jobs and tasks. Also, it reflects the timely decision making skill of a person. The ability of a person’s ability to cope up with the situation and solving a particular problems can be analyzed with the help of Cognitive Ability Test.

Cognitive assessment test is beneficial in analyzing job performance and evaluating which area requires development and coaching.

Attributes of a Cognitive Assessment Test


Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning is a concept of solving problems with the help of language.


Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning is solving a problem from a concept of given numbers.


Abstract Reasoning

It is basically solving a problem through visual concepts and images.


Mechanical Reasoning

Mechanical reasoning is basically making a judgement on the basis of science and mechanics.


Logical Reasoning

Making sound judgments and problem-solving using logical thinking.


Spatial Ability

Spatial ability is a concept of modifying shapes and visualizing 3D concepts.


Verbal Ability

Assess a candidate's comprehension and language skills.


Quantitative Ability

Assess skills in number operations, algebraic, geometric, trigonometric and any other numerical calculations.


General Intelligence Assessment (GIA)

General Intelligence Assessment evaluates the speed of processing information and applying it to various situation.

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