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Assessments with AI

With AI-powered remote proctoring, you can administer flexible examinations both remotely or on-premises while maintaining integrity. We offer AI proctoring for smart monitoring, Live for real-time monitoring, and record & review for post-exam audit.

AI Powered Insights

Think Exam delivers AI-powered reports for comprehensive exam tracking, offering insights into candidate scores, section-wise performance, and metrics such as solution, test, attendance, comparative reports, and subjective analyses.

Think Learn

With its interactive classrooms, tests, and study materials, Think Exam leads the way in e-learning technologies. Comprehensive learning experiences are ensured through live streaming and thorough exam assessments.

Coding & Hackathon

Our platform enables candidates to gain expertise in 46 programming languages, including Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, and others. It evaluates code quality, execution efficiency, and identifies areas for improvement.

Skill Based Simulations

Think Exam offers a wide range of exams, including behavioral, functional, aptitude, and skill-based assessments. It serves to a wide range of industries and job profiles by assessing communication, project management, coding skills etc.

Live Video Interviews

Experience high-quality, low-bandwidth communication, ideal for low-internet environments. Schedule flexible interviews to accommodate any number of participants. Maximise learning with AI-powered insights and feedback. Ensure fairness by employing AI to detect secondary devices and flag potential cheating.

Think Exam's worldwide service spans diverse time spheres

From various sectors globally, we serve governments, corporates, and educational institutions, addressing learning, assessment and upskilling