Empowering A leading Aviation Industry's Recruitment Solution

How Think Exam Transformed A leading Aviation Industry's Recruitment Solution

The Client

Air India is India's flag carrier airline. It is owned by Air India Limited, a Tata Group company, and operates a fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft serving 102 domestic and international destinations. With a rich heritage, it has built a reputation for reliability, safety, and customer satisfaction. Everywhere in the world, Air India remains a top option for tourists seeking both local and international flights.

Recruitment Exams

The Challenges

  • To safeguard the integrity of the assessment process in order to prevent any unauthorized access or tampering.
  • Meeting strict deadlines for test administration and result processing was a potential challenge.
  • To provide a seamless and comfortable testing environment for all applicants.
  • Generating instant, accurate, and same-day result delivery posed a significant challenge.


In 2023, 635 candidates underwent pilot recruitment assessments, in highly secure and well-tested centers.

  • Think Exam provided a designated workspace for the test administrator to perform examinee verifications.
  • Took good care of the necessary amenities such as large entry-exit gates, large parking spaces, and waiting areas.
  • Two days prior to the exam delivery, the Think Exam team conducted readiness checks and mock exams for every 6 drives to ensure the best candidate experience.
  • Well-conditioned international schools in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and other tier-1 cities were selected as examination centers.
  • To prevent exam malpractice, the booklets were printed by the Think Exam team, cross-checked, and validated by the client team on the same day or a few hours prior to exam delivery to maintain test security.
  • The answer sheets were promptly evaluated, and instant result declaration was announced within an hour using Verificare Scanners available at the center itself.
  • Think Exam ensured on-site support with its dedicated team present at each test center. Additionally, a supervising team from the client was also present to maintain high vigilance and oversight throughout the examination process.

Ground Services & Security Recruitment Exams

The Challenges

  • Manual grading of subjective answers poses a significant challenge, leading to increased workload and the potential for human errors.
  • Efficiently scoring subjective answers requires substantial time and resources, posing a significant challenge for them in managing assessments effectively.
  • The manual evaluation process posed a significant challenge, causing delays in result processing.


  • Think Exam seamlessly managed the entire student registration process and handled the admit card generation.
  • Think Exam efficiently conducted subjective paper-based tests for streamlined staff recruitment in a well-conditioned, clean environment.
  • Customized OMR sheets were designed and printed to facilitate automated grading aligned with specific marking criteria, effectively eliminating biases and ensuring fairness in assessments.
  • Evaluators assessed the candidate answer sheets, recorded marks on custom OMR sheets, Verificare Scanners with readability at 300 sheets per minute, sped up the process and ensured timely result generation.
  • The question papers were printed under the close supervision of the client team within a secure environment provided by Think Exam on the same day of exam delivery, ensuring a seamless and controlled process.


  • At excellent testing centers, candidates had a good experience. The Think Exam staff swiftly addressed any problems that arose during the evaluation procedure.
  • Examinees received results immediately after the completion of the examination.
  • Instant results were released through Verificare Scanners to the candidates.