Boosting ET Campus Stars with Seamless Talent Search

How Think Exam Transformed ET Campus Stars' Journey to Recognize India's Promising Engineering Students

The Client

ET Campus Stars is India’s biggest hunt for brightest engineering students. Each edition of ETCS has identified and encouraged bright engineers that will drive India’s growth.The program structure comprises a rigorous 4-phase process that evaluates each candidate across 25 assessment parameters.

The Challenges

ET Campus Stars had growing concerns about the availability, scalability, security, and of its certification test delivery. Other concerns were:

  • To ensure fairness and transparency in the selection process to provide equal opportunities to all participants.
  • To organize events, and assessments across multiple campuses while managing logistics efficiently.


  • Think Exam successfully registered 80,000 students from 110 engineering branches, encompassing 16 core branches and 500+ colleges, showcasing extensive reach and accessibility.
  • The program upheld diversity with a 60% female to 40% male ratio, promoting inclusivity in certification.
  • The psychometric assessment was designed and curated by the Think Exam team of experienced psychometricians.
  • Think Exam efficiently managed the certification process. It conducted two rounds of online exams to assess students. Subsequently, it coordinated and conducted interview rounds and awarded excellence certifications to the top performers.
  • In the event of a candidate failing the test, Think Exam offered access to Study 24x7 to access various free and paid courses.


  • Think Exam helped in identifying talented engineers nationwide, significantly saving time in the process.
  • Moreover, Think Exam extended support to candidates who didn't succeed in the examination by offering them access to the Study 24x7 platform for learning and enhancing their knowledge.