Redefining Examinations for the Leading Actuaries Body

How Think Exam Ensured Smooth Examinations for the Leading Actuaries Body

The Client

The Institute of Actuaries of India (IAI) is a statutory body established by the Actuaries Act, 2006, regulating the actuarial profession in India. It conducts examinations and offers qualifications for aspiring actuaries. Since 1989, it has been dedicated to promoting and upholding professional standards, education, and practice in the actuarial field.

The Challenges

The Institute administers exams using both computer-based and paper-based techniques. The most significant challenge was the exam execution with uniformity in exam administration and supervision, adhering to statutory regulations and guidelines. Other challenges were:

  • Complete CCTV coverage and recording for all the areas used for examination purposes including all entry and exit points were required in high priority.
  • Blocking any type of remote desktop software and connections for their practical computer-based exam to ensure foolproof data security, data transfer, and physical security inside the examination center was a potential challenge.
  • Managing well-structured centers with excellent infrastructure in 16 cities was a unique challenge.
  • Implementing high-level encryption to ensure the exam paper confidentiality of test papers posed a significant challenge.
  • The main challenge was to maintain the exam paper security at the respective centers to avoid examination malpractices and leakages.


  • The technical infrastructure was validated to meet minimum i3 system requirements, a robust 8 GB server and other specifications ensuring smooth computer-based exam administration.
  • Consecutive 8-day drives of 5000 candidates in a single drive within 16 cities from 2017 were organized with high logistics, ensuring smooth exam conduct before, during, and after the exams.
  • Took good care of the necessary amenities such as large entry-exit gates, large parking spaces, and waiting areas.
  • Provided an enclosed, professional environment that is clean and comfortable, with adequate lighting and ventilation, reliable clock, along with comfortable seating and work surfaces.
  • Think Exam provided a designated workspace equipped for the test administrator to conduct examinee verifications.
  • The desk space established for each workstation measured approximately four feet wide for smooth candidate experience and fair exam conduct.
  • Answer sheets were promptly evaluated on the same day of the exam for immediate evaluation and instant result declaration.
  • CCTV recordings for each center were submitted to the client team on the 20th day of the exam.
  • R Studio, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word applications were made available on the workstations for practical computer-based exams.
  • Activity logs for each examinee were recorded to maintain the test integrity.
  • Automated synchronization and evaluation of student responses in computer-based examinations.
  • Think Exam employed a GPS tracking system to ensure real-time monitoring of transportation vehicles, enabling immediate action in case of delays for exam paper security.


  • Candidates reported positive testing experiences at credible test services. All issues faced by them during the assessment process were satisfactorily resolved.
  • Think Exam was successful in conducting fair and unbiased exams for candidates across 16 cities covering 90 drives within the required timelines.
  • Examinees received results immediately after the completion of the examination.