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April -27- 2023
Think Exam (Version April-27-2023
Two Part Analysis Type Questions Admin have provision to create assessment including Two Part Analysis Question types in Think Exam See full release note
Multi Source Reasoning Type Questions Admin have provision to create assessment including Multi Source Reasoning Question types in Think Exam. See full release note
Current Affair/News/Post Admin can broadcast any current information on candidate panel which admin thinks candidates should be aware of. See full release note
Test Resume & provision of Lock/ Unlock the Test Admin can restrict the candidate to resume any test by defining no. of attempt in Test Settings while creating a test. See full release note
Gate template Pattern Gate template pattern has been changed as per the latest pattern of GATE exam. See full release note
New process of Payment and Registration Admin will have provision to register candidates into his panel after receiving the product panel. See full release note
Proctoring As service (PAAS) integration in Moodle Admin can set a proctoring on any Quiz created on Moodle and the Plugin will seamlessly apply AI based Proctoring See full release note
August -30- 2019
Think Exam (Version 1.0.7) August-30-2019
Cloud Reporting No need to stress over the manual result declaration of offline exams when Think Exam is now enabled with cloud reporting feature. See full release note
June -08- 2019
Think Exam (Version 1.0.6) June-08-2019
Subjective and Image Type With this very new feature of Think Exam, admin gets the freedom to create subjective as well as image type questions. See full release note
IIT Pattern Based exactly on the IIT test pattern, Think Exam has introduced this new test template to enhance the experience of candidates as well as the admin while preparing for competitive exams. See full release note
User Base and Test Base Panel Now you can get the panel according to your priority- User Base or Test Base! See full release note
Feedback Section Enhance your test creation with meaningful feedback from students! See full release note
Mobile OTP verification in student section Get valid mobile number details of a registering candidate through OTP verification! See full release note
March -06- 2019
Think Exam (Version 1.0.5) March-06-2019
Video Link Solution report is visible to the candidates once the test attempt is over. Now the admin can See full release note
CAT Pattern Think Exam provides sample test templates that are created using the detailed analysis of different types of layout and formats. See full release note
Dec -04- 2018
Think Exam (Version 1.0.4) December-04-2018
Dynamic Left Menu Now the admin can decide which options need to be shown on the left side menu of the student portal. See full release note
Sept -05- 2018
Think Exam (Version 1.0.3) September-04-2018
Certificate Panel Think Exam introduces new “Certificate feature” in which you can select from a range of pre-available templates and customize them according to your requirements. See full release note
June -04- 2018
Think Exam (Version 1.0.2) June-04-2018
Screen Freezing on web version This new feature is a reliable anti-cheat measure that has been released on the web version of Think Exam platform. See full release note
Multiple Attempts The admin can allow candidates to take a test attempt multiple times. For this admin can select number of attempts for a test, See full release note
Mar -06- 2018
Think Exam (Version 1.0.1) Mar-06-2018
Theme Manager Transform those boring assessments with the brightness of colors! “Theme manager” feature lets you change color for the header and footer of the panel See full release note
Watermark Give hike to your brand popularity with new “Watermark” feature. Watermark feature lets you display your brand name on the See full release note
Sep -08- 2017
Think Exam (Version 1.0.0) Sep-08-2017
White Labeling White labeling allows you to replace the brand name of the first party with your very own brand name on the product. This way you See full release note
Addition of scientific Calculator Why to carry a calculator when Think Exam has an inbuilt one? Saving your time by instant calculations, Think Exam is providing See full release note
Price in dollars Introducing Think Exam globally!! Now you can subscribe to our plans and packages anywhere around the world. Think Exam is now up with See full release note